Arm & Elbow Braces

Arm Braces and Supports

You can use many of the arm braces presented on this page to treat tennis elbow otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis. This is quite a common condition, where the outside of an elbow feels sore. The pain is coming from forearm muscles and tendons damaged from overuse. Any activity that involves constant use of forearm muscles, can lead to an overexertion. And while tennis elbow is an injury that can heal with little to no treatment over time, it is better to use an arm brace and some other treatments to ensure a fast recovery.
There are different types of arm and elbow supports available in our store. In addition, some of the armbands have a pocket for a hot pack, a cold pack or a spike plate. These special additions will help you relieve pain and irritation or massage the injured area.

Compression Sleeves

Compression garments are very effective devices to treat lymphedema. The most recent types of compression sleeves have overlapping chambers, that move the fluid out of the affected area gently. When you put the sleeve on and turn on an attached air pump, the applied pressure forces fluids out of the limb. As a result, these devices ensure the movement of the venomous blood. Always remember to follow the recommendations of your doctor and the instructions included with the device.

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