Head Protectors

Who Can Wear Protective Headgear

People with special needs often need to wear a head protector. As some people are prone to seizures, wearing a soft protective helmet can substantially reduce the risk of head injury. Many children and adults with balance issues will also benefit from wearing a protector, as it covers the head from all sides with shock absorbent material. In addition, a head protector can be of great help to elderly, who often develop a fear of falling. This often leads to movement restriction, which in turn can reduce one’s flexibility and mobility.

Head protectors don’t prevent only minor outer injuries. They also reduce the risk of serious internal trauma, such as brain injuries and concussions. However, it is important to note, that no product alone can provide a full protection from any type of harm. First of all, the safety of a person always lies in one’s compliance. Secondly, the caring behavior of others can also be a deciding factor in one's health. And finally, always remember to talk to a medical professional if you decide to purchase a head protector. They can help you find the right size and type of the helmet.

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