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Breathing Treatment Machines

The nebulizer is a device that administers medication to a patient in form of a mist. The patient then inhales the medication through a special mask or a mouthpiece. In that way, the device prevents the waste of medication and delivers it right to patient’s respiratory system. Nebulizers are helpful for people with temporary or permanent respiratory conditions, such as pneumonia, allergic reactions, asthma or COPD. At Acu Health Care you will find both portable and stationary devices that are easy to use. Also, here you can purchase nebulizers created for children. They usually resemble a toy to help eliminate anxiety during the treatment.
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See details DeVilbiss Healthcare Model 15-RD Atomizer

The Model 15 Atomizer offers one of our most consistent sprays for aqueous or viscous solutions. The adjustable tip helps direct the fine spray precisely where needed, and the all-metal top is autoclavable.Features and Ben...

List Price :US$ 152.15
Our Price : US$ 67.31 , save 56%

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See details DeVilbiss Healthcare Model 151 Atomizer
SKU: DMD-151

This 1.4 ounce capacity atomizer produces a fine mist that is ideal for nose and throat treatments, decubitus ulcer care, and wound cleansing.Features and BenefitsThis 1.4 ounce capacity atomizer produces a fine mist that ...

List Price :US$ 300.30
Our Price : US$ 119.99 , save 60%

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See details DeVilbiss Healthcare Model 180 Nebulizer
SKU: DMD-180

The Model 180 Nebulizer produces a vapor instead of a spray and is used for treatment of the lower respiratory tract or a sensitive nasal tract.Features and BenefitsVery practical nebulizer for use where vapor instead of s...

List Price :US$ 280.28
Our Price : US$ 113.35 , save 60%

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See details DeVilbiss Healthcare Model 45 Nebulizer

The Model 45 hand-held spray nebulizer delivers aerosol particles of uniformly consistent density deep into the lungs. The break-resistant nebulizer easily disassembles for sterilization.Features and BenefitsHand-held spra...

List Price :US$ 72.07
Our Price : US$ 37.53 , save 48%

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How to Use a Nebulizer

Nebulizers use compressed air or oxygen to turn liquid medication into small droplets, creating a mist that can be inhaled by a patient through a special mouthpiece. Patients can also use a face mask, which is a good choice for young kids and the elderly. However, that might deliver less medication to your lungs, because you will also inhale it through your nose. The mist in these devices is easy to inhale, it does not require taking very deep breaths.

Most nebulizers sold at Acu Health Store are lightweight and easy to move from room to room. In addition, you can purchase a bag to carry your device with you. Nebulizer bags can be found in “Respiratory Accessories”.

Remember to clean your nebulizer to keep it in a good working condition. Always read the instructions thoroughly before using the device.

Here are some basic steps that will help you set up and use a nebulizer:

  • Wash your hands with soap before the procedure.
  • Connect the hose of your nebulizer to the air compressor.
  • Fill the medicine cup with liquid medication according to the prescription.
  • Attach the mouthpiece to the medicine cup. If you use a mask, then connect it instead.
  • Now you can turn on the device. Take slow, deep breaths until you use up all the medication. Remember to keep your lips firm on the mouthpiece so you don’t waste any medication.
  • hen you’re done, turn off the machine.
  • Wash the mouthpiece and the medicine cup with warm water and air dry until next procedure. If you were using a disposable mouthpiece, you can simply throw it away.

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