Respiratory Accessories

Accessories for Respiratory Equipment

CPAP Accessories

Continuous positive airway pressure is a type of treatment that keeps the patient’s airways open. Whether you need new parts or are looking for replacement details, at Acu Health Care you can find new CPAP accessories that will suit you. CPAP tubing and masks are the main items that you might have to change. CPAP masks come in different sizes, so make sure you choose the right model. These masks conform to the patient’s face comfortably, so that the user can read or watch TV without any trouble. In addition, you can buy special headgear for full face masks. It is made from a breathable, moisture absorbing material. It helps to keep skin cool and not irritated.

Suction Pump Machines

Suction machines are used to remove bodily fluids from a patient. These devices are usually helpful for tracheotomy patients. Suction pump machines are portable and are easy to use. While intended for use at home, their performance remains high. At our store, you can find heavy duty suction pump machines as well as disposable suction canisters, tubing, and filters.

Other Accessories

There is a variety of carry bags available at our store. Oxygen cylinder carry bags allow the patient to travel and move around while using and carrying multiple oxygen tanks. Also, here you can buy a nebulizer bag that is compatible with all nebulizers available because of its universal size. If you have many oxygen tanks at home, try to store them in a cylinder rack. That will keep them upright and secure. Moreover, these racks can be used to transport oxygen tanks. Another helpful accessory is an oxygen analyzer. It is a small, portable device for testing oxygen concentration with a single touch.

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