Arm Slings

How to Wear an Arm Sling

Arm sling consists of a pocket and an adjustable strap. To put it on, simply slide your arm into the pocket, and place the strap on the opposite shoulder, putting it over the head. Adjust the strap to a comfortable position, your elbow should be bent at a right angle (90 degrees). Keeping your arm close to the body will let it rest. Immobilizing the arm correctly can help not only with arm injuries but also with shoulder and wrist pain.

Why Movement is Necessary

Even though stabilizing the arm is very important to the healing process, moving the injured limb is just as necessary. Ask your doctor when you should take your arm sling off and what exercises will have a positive impact on your recovery. Performing simple exercises can restore flexibility of the joint and eliminate stiffness. Usually, the sling has to be removed during showering or bathing. And remember that immobilizing one arm will make you dependent on the other one. Ask somebody to help you with day-to-day tasks during the first stage of your rehabilitation.

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