Neck Braces

Neck Braces for Clavicle Support

Neck braces come in handy in a lot of situations. If people have a traumatic neck injury or even a head injury, they also may have a cervical fracture. This is a very serious condition that requires full immobilization of the injured area. Medical professionals put the cervical collar on a patient with neck pains to prevent further movement. Usually, the patient then needs to wear this collar for some time after possible surgery or treatment. If you have to wear a neck brace after surgery, remember to consult your doctor about when and how to wear it. Ask about showering, sleeping and other activities to make sure that you're not inflicting any additional damage on your injury.

In addition, some people use cervical collars to straighten the spinal cord or to relieve pain. If you experience neck pain, try using a brace. That will help you see if the immobilization helps with your problem. You can use a soft neck brace, that provides firm but comfortable support. It is easy to put on and take off, as it is very flexible and usually has a hook and loop closure. Soft neck braces are made from thick foam rubber or polyfoam and covered with cotton.

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