Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers nowadays are becoming more and more capable of capturing smoke, dust, pollen and more and removing them from the air. If you suffer from respiratory conditions or just want to have cleaner air, think about buying an air purifier.
There are different types of air cleaners available in our store. Commercial purifiers are designed to clean the air in big open rooms, such as offices, gyms, restaurants and more. Also, there are air cleaners perfect for both home and office, because they are smaller in size but just as powerful. You can place most of them on any desk or counter, keeping them within reach to quickly change settings. Additionally, some purifiers are mobile. You can plug these devices into a car, truck or mobile home and are perfect for travelers and people with pets.

Air Humidifiers

Humidifiers are electrically powered devices that increase humidity in a room. Their main purpose is to prevent dryness. Dry throat and nose can make your respiratory condition to become worse. Some also believe that using a humidifier can help with treating allergies.

Most humidifiers require the user to manually fill the unit with water. Then, after you plug it in, the humidifier releases small particles of steam into the air. It’s very important to pour water at the right times and to clean the parts of a humidifier frequently. You should also remember to replace some parts after time, for example, wicks. Otherwise, the wick (the part that absorbs the moisture) will become dirty or moldy. Humidifiers are usually quite portable. You can place them on a table or a shelf.

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