Foot Braces

Intermittent Compression Sleeves

Patients wear inflatable sleeves to stop the forming of blood clots. During their rehabilitation, patients move less, therefore, they have lower blood circulation. To prevent that, you can use intermittent compression sleeves. When you turn on an attached air pump, it fills up chambers of the sleeves with air which applies pressure to the body part, forcing fluids out of the limb. Then, after some time, the sleeves deflate, allowing blood to flow back into the area. That process ensures the venous blood movement.

Elevation Boots

Sometimes called foot pillows or heel protectors, elevations boots are designed to eliminate any pressure and friction on the heel. They achieve that by enveloping the foot in a soft material and suspending the heel over an air cavity. That prevents ulcers and pressure sores from forming. It also helps to heal the existing ulcers. In addition, fabric that covers the boots absorbs moisture and reduces skin shear. It is easy to put the elevation boots on and to take them off. They usually have one strap going across the ankle and the other over the foot. Use the foot pillows while you’re lying in bed or seating.

Heel Cushions & Insoles

It is time to take the strain out of your feet. Heel cushions and insoles are very helpful in treating heel pain. They are made from cushioning, shock dampening and pressure distributing materials. Some insoles also have antibacterial coverage to stop the spreading of mold and mildew. Remember to choose the products in a correct size. Heel cushions are easy to use - simply place them into the heel part of the shoe and you are ready to go. Our collection of heel cushions and insoles will help you feel more comfortable in your shoes.

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