Gait Trainers

Using a Gait Trainer

There are many benefits of using a gait trainer. On the basic level, it teaches toddlers, children, and adults to learn or relearn correct and safe walking. It also reduces the user’s inability to fully straighten the knee, also known as flexion contracture. Moreover, using a gait trainer can minimize the risk of long-term complications. Also, exercising and walking builds overall strength and endurance. Not to mention that walking with a gait trainer increases head control and spatial awareness. This helps the user to gain some level of independence. And finally, there are many mental advantages of using a gait trainer. For example, higher self-esteem, which leads to a more successful social development and integration.

Gait Trainer Accessories

Most models of gait trainers offer multiple positions and various prompts for different levels of support. In addition, these accessories can be added in or removed according to the user’s needs.  Gait trainer accessories can include:

  • Ankle and thigh prompts that prevent scissoring by keeping legs or feet apart;

  • Trunk supports that secure the user’s torso at the best angle;

  • Seat harnesses that support patients who are not able to stand on their own;

  • Pelvic stabilizers that support the pelvis;

  • Positioning bars that help adjust the depth to be comfortable for the user;

  • Various handgrips and forearm attachments that provide more ways for the user to hold a gait trainer.

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