Wheelchairs Accessories

Manual and Electric Wheelchair Accessories: Holders, Bags, Cushions and More

It is estimated that more than 2 million people in the United States use a wheelchair in their daily life. A wheelchair is a great device for people with limited mobility. But how can you make it more versatile? Acu Health Care carries a big range of wheelchair accessories that were made for that exact purpose. We have supplies that can help you feel comfortable in your wheelchair and customize it to your needs.


Carrying additional devices or mobility aids may be hard if you need to propel the wheelchair at the same time. For that, we offer various holders that attach to your chair. You can purchase a cane or crutch holder that fits all wheelchair sizes to carry your mobility device with you.  For oxygen tank users we have mini and regular oxygen tank holders. These carry bags attach to the chair behind the user without interfering with the user’s head. You can also look for cup holders - if you want to carry a bottle or a can around the house or outside. In addition, you can find various baskets and bags for any other things that you wish to take with you.


Not every wheelchair is 100% comfortable for everyone. That’s why Acu Health Care offers cushions for your back, head or hips. If you are using a wheelchair, you may need a pressure reducing seat cushion that prevents or manages pressure ulcers. Or a back cushion that has additional lumbar support. Or a headrest extension, if you are a taller wheelchair user. You can find these cushions and more in this category.


If you need a surface for working, eating or reading, while you are in a wheelchair, look for wheelchair desks and trays. These trays are ultralight and very functional. Moreover, their universal design fits standard wheelchairs and they are easy to attach with straps. There are wooden and plastic models in our store.

Other Accessories

For frequent wheelchair users customizing their chair can be very important. For that, we have colored upholstery replacements, sunshades and canopies, various extensions and more. You can also find a big selection of safety belts and anti-tippers so that you will stay comfortable and safe. In addition, anti-fold devices will keep your wheelchair from accidentally folding. These are only some of the accessories that we offer, be sure to look through the whole assortment.

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