How to Choose a Wheelchair

Some wheelchairs are designed for daily use, while others can address specific needs. Moreover, these devices can be quite expensive, therefore making the right choice is important. To get the most out of your chair, consider the following characteristics.


There are different weight categories for every type of wheelchairs, however, some options are inherently lighter. If you need a highly portable chair, consider buying a lightweight version. It usually costs more, but our discount prices minimize the cost difference significantly. Lightweight chairs are made from lighter materials and are easy to lift, move, and carry around. All in all, transport wheelchairs are lighter than other types, because of their structure and small wheels.


One can consider most non-powered wheelchairs portable as all of them fold. A lot of the portability comes from weight and size - and that varies from model to model. The less additional details a chair will have - the more portable it will be. However, almost all details detach and you can then put them in a car or storage separately. Power wheelchairs are heavier, however, many modern versions are made with portability in mind.


A manual wheelchair can be operated by a person using it, as well as by a companion. That is a big advantage of manual chairs. a transport wheelchair doesn't give you the ability to self-propel. If you purchase a transport wheelchair for yourself, keep in mind that you will always need someone to move it for you. A power wheelchair and a scooter use a motor to move around - they are a good choice for people who want to move on their own.

Seat Size

At Acu Health Care you can find wheelchairs with various seat sizes, including a great choice of heavy duty models. These particular chairs can accommodate users up to 700 lbs. Remember to check the product specifications before purchase.

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