Medical Walkers

Choosing a Walker

You can choose from many types of medical walkers. You can decide which model is right for you, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Acu Health Care carries many medical walkers and supporting accessories for almost every situation.

Types of Medical Walkers

We offer standard walkers as well as wheeled walkers, so you will be able to choose the right fit. On the one hand, standard walkers provide more support. However, if you find that lifting and moving your walker is troublesome, a wheeled walker might be a better choice. Wheeled walkers require less effort to operate but are less stable overall. Consult a medical professional before making the final decision. And of course, there is a variety of pediatric models available.

For people who travel and move a lot, Acu Health Care offers folding walkers. These models fold with a simple push of a button. Both standard and wheeled versions can be foldable. These walkers will fit in a trunk of your car or even in the back seat.

Walker Accessories

To personalize your experience, Acu Health Care offers various accessories for medical walkers. For example, if you want your walker to glide smoothly over most surfaces, look at the walker glides and skies. These items provide a quiet gliding experience.

If you are using a walker for going outside, carrying other items in your hands can be hard. To bring personal belongings with you, you can purchase a carry pouch or a basket. These accessories attach to the side or the front of a walker. You can also take your laptop with you or go to the store and bring groceries home.

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