Choosing a Rollator

There are many qualities to consider before purchasing a rollator. At Acu Health Care you can find a rollator that will be right for you. Most models have the same number of accessories and qualifications. However, these devices are still highly customizable.

Size and Weight

Make sure that you are choosing the rollator that will fit you properly. First of all, the model has to be tall enough for you. There are rollators with adjustable height that can fit any person. We also carry pediatric models that will fit children. Secondly, check if a rollator is wide and deep for you to move around comfortably. And finally, look for models that accommodate your weight. Rollators are sturdy but light, and even the bariatric models can be easily moved.

Main Features and Accessories

Even though most rollators share the same qualities, you can choose some specifications. If you travel often, consider purchasing a foldable rollator. It is easy to transport as it doesn’t take up a lot of space in a folded position. If you are looking for a model with hand brakes, make sure that you choose a design that is easy for you to handle. Most modern models have brakes that are easy to push. Also, if you want to make stops while using a rollator, look for models with built-in seats. The seats can be fold-down, with or without padding. If the model you chose has everything you need, but it doesn’t have a seat - don’t worry. There are many accessories in this section, including foldable seats.

When choosing the accessories, consider what will you be doing while using a rollator. If you want to go outside, you will probably need a place to store your personal belongings. For that purpose, you can buy attachable bags, pockets, and baskets. Also, there are various cup and cane holders available in our store.

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