Mobility Accessories

Accessories for Mobility Aids

Acu Health Care offers different mobility accessories for walking aids, patient lifts, scales and more. We carry not only spare parts, but also various helpful attachments that will make your life easier. If you are looking for wheelchair accessories, please, refer to the ‘Wheelchair Accessories’ department.

Users of walkers or rollators often notice that carrying something with them may prove difficult. To take the weight off the users and to free their hands, we offer an assortment of bags and baskets. Special baskets and bags attach easily to the side or the front of your walker or rollator. Also, some baskets have handles, so you can lift them up and carry them in your hands. Bags come in different sizes and colors. They can carry anything from a pair of glasses to a laptop.

We also offer other accessories for walking aids. For example, padded rest seats for rollators and walkers. They allow a user to sit and rest anywhere and at any time. Another useful accessory is a soft platform attachment. For people that cannot use standard hand grips, these padded attachments provide additional support.

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