Positioning Aids

Our Selection of Positioning Aids

Acu Health Care offers a wide range of positioning supplies for kids and adults. Every product is universal and can accommodate different requirements. There are many types and sizes of positioning aid on the market. Make sure to read the product description for more information.

Positioning Rolls

Versatile foam rolls are the most common type of positioning aids. First of all, they provide great support under the legs, arms, back or neck. For somebody, who has to stay in bed for a long time, proper positioning is very important. Therefore, using rolls can prevent the development of bedsores. These rolls are also helpful in correcting posture and relieving pain. Another area that widely uses positioning rolls is physical therapy. Most therapists use rolls in positioning and coordination training. In addition, smaller rolls are used for cervical traction or knee and ankle flexion.

Positioning Wedges

Wedges retain their form better than pillows, so medical professionals use them to position and support patients. Some positioning wedges can also be used in physical therapy. Useful for both children and adults, wedges can help with performing basic motor activities. Some wedges also have special slots to position legs in a natural and comfortable way.

Positioning Pillows

Pillows allow for a soft and adjustable positioning. They can accommodate virtually any area of the body. Positioning pillows come in many sizes.

Pediatric Equipment

Acu Health Care offers positioning aids for children of all ages. For example, corner chairs keep the child’s shoulders in the right position and maintain leg extension. Wedges with special straps keep the child in the most comfortable position. We also carry various shapes and forms to aid therapists in positioning children.

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