Traction Equipment

Cervical Traction

You must consult your doctor to choose the correct equipment and establish the specifics of your treatment. Remember to always follow the provided instructions closely. The goal of traction is to relax the muscles, take the pressure off discs and release pinched nerves. Traction achieves that by slowly applying tension on the head and pulling it away from the neck, stretching the spine and surrounding muscles as a result. Such equipment can also be helpful for people who wish to improve their posture.

How to Use Traction Equipment

The detailed instructions depend on the source and level of pain. Usually, the patients use traction equipment two or three times during the day for 30 minutes. Medical professionals that recommend traction say that if an injury is fresh or mild you can apply gentle pressure periodically to achieve a good result. If some muscles or joints are stiff and can’t relax, you can apply more force when stretching.

Available Products

At Acu Health Care you will find different types of traction equipment. Firstly, the most common one is a mechanical traction system with weights and pulleys. It goes over a door, the patient puts on a head halter and uses a pulley to apply pressure. The patient can use this system while standing, sitting or lying down. The second type is an inflatable cervical traction equipment. It gently stretches and relaxes muscles by slowly inflating with air. Other traction products you can use are up and down motion pumps, bellows-like systems, and posture re-training tools.

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