CPM Machines

Passive Motion Treatment

Patients can use a CPM machine while they are in a hospital following surgery. This device is most helpful during the first phase of rehabilitation. Its main goals are to reduce pain, irritation or inflammation. It also can prevent the scar tissue from forming and increase the flexibility of the joint. Many professionals believe, that putting the knee, elbow, hip or wrist joint in a CPM device right after replacement surgery would improve its motion. The main idea is that because of constant movement, the scar tissue would not develop and there will be no stiffness in a limb.

When you use a CPM machine, remember to follow the instructions given by a medical professional closely. Also, make sure your skin is well padded. If the treatment is not applied correctly, you may develop sores in affected areas. If you have to use a CPM device in a hospital, a physical therapist or a nurse will help you to put the machine on and to take it off, as well as decide on the speed and range of motion.

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