Oxygen Regulators & Conservers

Oxygen Regulators

A regulator simply controls the flow from an oxygen tank to the patient. They allow you to change your liter flow based on the prescription you have. Some regulators have a built-in pressure relief valve for even more safety. There are also mini regulators available in our store. They work the same as standard regulators, but you can easily fit them into an oxygen carry bag. Oxygen regulators are very easy to use. There is a single flow knob that you can rotate to find the best setting for you. At Acu Health Care you will find regulators of different colors and sizes, but they all function the same way. It is important to notice, that your oxygen tank may empty fairly quickly if your flow is too high or if you use it often. Consider purchasing an oxygen regulator for that purpose.

Oxygen Conservers

Oxygen conserving regulators, on the other hand, send a dose of oxygen with every breath the patient takes (it happens in the first half of the inspiratory cycle). That means that they need to be triggered by the patient to work. That helps to prolong the working time of your oxygen tank. Most oxygen conservers are sensitive enough to work with patients who don’t breathe deep enough. Although if it becomes a problem you might want to switch to an oxygen regulator. However, many conservers now include the ability to turn on a constant flow of oxygen. In addition, some conserving regulators have an auto shut-off feature, which helps to prolong the battery life of the device. At Acu Health Care you will find electronic oxygen conservers, described above, and disposable conservers that do not require batteries and function as an alternative to a mask.

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