Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids and Accessories

At Acu Health Care you can find different mobility products. If you need help with moving inside the house or going outside, we have various walking and standing aids perfect for that. If you are a medical professional looking for safe and comfortable devices for handling your patients, Acu Health Care has a range of lift slings and patient lifts made just for that. Here are some examples of mobility aids that you can find on Acu Health Care.


You can find different types of wheelchairs in our store. Classic manual chairs have large wheels that allow the person to move around independently. Transport wheelchairs, that you can recognize by 4 smaller wheels, are designed to be lightweight and portable. You can use them to move outdoors. However, one can not self-propel them, this type requires a caregiver to push the wheelchair from behind. We also carry power wheelchairs, that are powered by a motor to move. These chairs are perfect for a person, who needs independence but is not able to self-propel a manual chair. And don’t forget to purchase helpful wheelchair accessories.

Patient Lifts and Lift Slings

Caregivers in hospitals and at home can use patient lifts to safely transfer patients. High-quality supplies ensure patient’s comfort and lower the risk of falling. Some models offer a wider range of transfers, while others have a bigger capacity. We also have a big variety of lift slings for different purposes and settings.

Walking Aids

We have many types of walking aids that you can choose from. First of all, a cane is the most basic form of aid. It provides moderate support while walking. Crutches have more contact points with the arm. Therefore, they are more stable, but they take up more space. If you need something more stable, try using a walker or a rollator. These devices provide support from two sides, as one operates them with both arms.

Other Mobility Devices

There are more types of mobility aids available in our store. Various positioning aids will help the patients in physical therapy. Transfer boards provide a platform when moving into and out of a wheelchair. In addition, various accessories, folding shopping carts, and activity tables can make the life of a person with limited mobility easier.

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