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How to Choose the Right Anatomical Model or Chart?

Choosing an Anatomical Model

Anatomical models are a great tool for studying the external and internal structure of the human body as well as its various systems. Such models include detailed body parts, most of them being to-scale and all of them - anatomically correct for a better studying experience. Most models are designed for a hands-on demonstration, allowing students to touch, remove and examine parts separately. As a result, students will likely become more engaged in learning and memorize new information easier.

There are many types of models available in our store. Here you can find different anatomical models of the human body: skeleton, foot, spine, skull, heart, eye, ear, etc. Every model is very detailed and easy to assemble. Also, some of the models use didactic coloring for an even better visual experience. Many of them are flexible to show natural movements of the human body. Out of the variety of medical education materials, a model of a skeleton will work for many presentations. It puts every separate body part in perspective to the size of the human body. If you want to bring the attention to a specific part of the body, for example, the spine, choose a model of the spine only, rather than a full human skeleton.  

Choosing an Anatomical Chart

Anatomical charts help demonstrate textual information in a visual way, making it easy to understand for everyone. In addition, a chart saves a lot of verbal explanation and presents a clear picture instantly. Therefore, many doctors can benefit from using a chart to explain different procedures or conditions to their patients. Anatomical charts are also useful for medical students, who have to know a lot of names and definitions by heart. Charts are better for that purpose than models because they have a detailed explanation of every point. Thus, simply hanging a chart on the wall in a classroom or at home will result in students learning new information in a more organic way.

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